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Professional Tree Removal Milwaukee Depends On for Safe and Affordable Service

While the focus of our work is on preserving and caring for trees, there are times when it is necessary to remove a tree. The most common reason is when a tree has become diseased or infested by insects. The certified arborists of Russ’s Tree Service are trained to spot infestations and tree disease early when it is still possible to salvage a tree. However, sometimes there is no other option but to remove a tree. Our team provides safe and complete removal of these trees from your property, along with stump removal and land clearing.

When To Have a Tree Removed

While we offer emergency tree removal service throughout the Milwaukee area, we highly recommend removing any dead or dying trees before it becomes an emergency situation. These signs will show when you should schedule to have a tree inspected and removed before it reaches that point.

Tree removal

1. The tree has internal damage

Although an affected tree may still have leaves on it and seem to be in good shape, internal damage can easily make it prone to falling over. Often, all it takes is a windstorm or a heavy rain for the tree to come toppling down—a serious concern if the tree is within striking range of your house or driveway. Look for cracks in the bark, empty branches, and falling limbs.

2. The tree is diseased or infested with insects

There are many types of insects and tree diseases which can kill a tree, often in fairly short order. The anthracnose fungus, for instance, has increasingly been devastating deciduous trees around the Milwaukee area. And elm trees are at risk of infestation by the Emerald Ash Borer. Signs include bark peeling off, discoloration of bark or leaves, and limbs falling off.

3. The roots or branches are threatening nearby structures

If a tree has become so large its root system is now endangering the foundation of your home, or breaking apart your driveway, removal is your only option. Spreading branches might grow over your roof or nearby powerlines. Cracks in your sidewalk or sudden lumps in your landscaping may indicate the roots are spreading.

4. The tree is blocking sunlight

Many homeowners have trees so large their canopies don't allow enough sunlight to reach other plants in the landscaping. Trimming branches often helps, but in most cases the only sure way to allow more light into the yard is to remove the oversized tree.

The Right Equipment For The Job—No Matter How Big

As you can see from the photo above removing large trees is not a job for the neighborhood handyman. We have invested heavily in a fleet of specialty landscaping machinery to ensure the safe and efficient removal of large trees and fallen branches. The technology we have at our disposal, combined with our years of experience, makes Russ's Tree Service Milwaukee's best choice for tree removal jobs.

Our certified arborists safely remove trees of all sizes with minimal impact on the rest of your yard. Usually, the stump is left in the ground—cut as close as to the ground as possible. With evergreens, the tree roots die once the trunk and the needles which provide them fuel are gone.

Safely Removing Trees around Electrical Lines

If a tree is growing near powerlines, it’s only a matter of time before the branches get too close. Removing the branches yourself can be incredibly dangerous. Hire the professional, certified Milwaukee arborists of Russ’s Tree Service to do the job for you.

Trimming trees near powerlines is never a do-it-yourself task. Even if you’ve pruned many plants around your property before, you don’t want to make a mistake around electricity. Trimming the wrong branch could lead to electrocution.

Emergency Tree Removal WI

Post-Storm Emergency Tree Removal

Heavy snow, high winds, and flooded ground can damage trees. Fallen trees may be close enough to powerlines to be too dangerous for you to remove. Our certified arborists provide 24 hour emergency tree removal. This service lets you start post-storm cleanup safely. We’ll handle the task of removing everything from the branches to the roots for you.

Tree Removal WI

Stump Grinding and Stump Removal Services in Southeast Wisconsin

If you want no evidence a tree was ever in your yard, our stump grinding service can take tree stumps down to a depth of about two feet. Covered with fill dirt and grass seed, it won't be long before you can't even tell a tree was there.

In cases where the root of a tree is compromising a driveway, sidewalk or the foundation of a house, you'll likely need to have the entire stump removed. This is also the case when a tree has toppled over and the root ball is exposed. Russ's Tree Service has the heavy-duty equipment necessary to remove even massive stumps.

Learn more about our stump removal service and the difference between stump grinding and stump removal.

Improving Wisconsin One Tree At A Time

There's a reason Russ's Tree Service is the tree removal service Milwaukee trusts most. Our experienced and dependable Wisconsin tree service crew safely and efficiently removes both small and large trees. With our turf-friendly equipment, we are able to remove trees without destroying lawns. And it doesn't hurt to have the most affordable tree removal rates in Milwaukee!

Whether you need a dead tree removed, an overhanging branch taken down, or an emergency tree removal after a severe storm, Russ’s Tree Service has the best Wisconsin tree care contractors to ensure you are kept safe and your property is kept beautiful.

Russ’s Tree Service provides tree removal to both residential and commercial properties throughout southeastern Wisconsin, including Milwaukee, Waukesha, Brookfield, Racine, Kenosha, West Allis, Union Grove and Muskego.

Contact our Milwaukee tree removal specialists today for a free quote on tree removal or tree care services.

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