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Healthy trees add natural beauty to any property. Keep your trees healthy by relying on the tree service Milwaukee and Waukesha County residents have trusted for years: Russ’s Tree Service. Our skilled tree care professionals have extensive experience providing a wide range of tree care services at affordable prices—from routine fertilization to treatment for the Wisconsin Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) and other invasive species.

The main causes of damage to trees are infestations by invasive species, disease, and accidents. We handle treating trees all these issues including highly damaging Emerald Ash Borer infestations. Our tree care service includes diagnosing the source of damage and then finding the best treatment option. Learn more about how we can improve the health of your trees:

Prevention and Treatment of Wisconsin Emerald Ash Borer Infestation

Wisconsin Emerald Ash BorerIf you have ash trees on your property, you have every reason to worry about the emerald ash borer. This destructive beetle was first confirmed to be in Wisconsin during the summer of 2008 a few miles northeast of West Bend. Since then, it has spread to many more counties throughout Wisconsin—from Kenosha County north to Sheboygan county. In fact, southeast Wisconsin has the state’s highest concentration of confirmed emerald ash borer infestations.

Pre-treating Trees for Emerald Ash Borer

Many experts predict this voracious beetle will ultimately kill every unprotected ash tree in North America, which would be a devastating blow to the country's lumber industry and would permanently change the look of thousands of towns and neighborhoods. Fortunately, ash trees can be treated with a preventive pesticide before there's even a sign of infestation. Mid-April to mid-May is the best time to get this done. We highly recommend contacting us for an estimate. Pre-treatment now will increase the chances of your tree staying healthy.

Treating Trees Already Infested by EAB: Can Trees Be Saved?

Fallen Tree in WisconsinOnce a tree has been infested by EAB, the chances of the tree surviving decrease drastically. It requires a certified arborist with a lot of experience dealing with EAB to assess whether treatment will be successful. If the tree can be saved, we make every effort to do so. In some cases, though, the damage done by these insects is too extensive and the tree needs to be removed before it topples over on a house or a car.

The first sign of an emerald ash borer infestation is a noticeable loss of foliage in the tree's canopy - the uppermost portion of the tree. If you notice fewer leaves in the canopy, it's likely you have an infestation of the emerald ash borer and should contact a Certified Arborist at Russ’s Tree Service. If more than half of the canopy is gone, however, it's probably too late to save the tree. In such cases, you should have the tree removed to prevent the spread of the emerald ash borer.

If an ash tree cannot be saved, our Milwaukee tree removal specialists cut down and haul away the remains, taking every precaution possible to avoid insects in the tree becoming dislodged and migrating to other nearby ash trees.

How to Recognize Signs of an Emerald Ash Borer Infestation

  • Thinning of the canopy - Fewer leaves at the top of the tree over a period of years.
  • New growth starting at base of the tree - “Suckers” start growing out of the ground near the tree or out of the trunk itself.
  • Vertical splitting of bark - The pulpy tissue holding the bark to the tree is destroyed and it splits open due to beetle larvae eating the tissue.
  • Woodpecker damage - Not the typical woodpecker holes, but bark scraped away AND holes from woodpeckers.
  • S-shaped tunnels in the bark - These are feeding tunnels created by the larvae underneath the bark layer.
  • D-shaped exit holes on the bark - These holes are about 1/8” wide and appear in early summer when the adult beetles chew their way out of the tree.

Woodpecker on WI Tree

Professional or DIY Emerald Ash Borer Removal

The treatment for Emerald Ash Borer removal is a time-consuming process best left to our professional arborists. We have years of experience treating trees and know which pesticides are best for each infestation type. We also know when it’s time to start the removal process. DIY treatments might remove some insects but not penetrate deep enough to truly root out the infestation.

All too often, we get calls from concerned homeowners when it’s too late to do anything to save the tree. For this reason, our certified Milwaukee arborists recommend yearly checkups to ensure your trees are free of diseases and pests. If we spot a problem, we can treat it promptly and get your tree healthy again. Otherwise, the only option is removal and stump grinding to clear the diseased tree away.

Preventive Care Treatments for Trees at Milwaukee Homes and Businesses

Incidental impacts and scrapes often remove the tree’s protective bark, leaving the trunk exposed and vulnerable. The exposed trunk can easily become infected with fungus, invasive species and tree diseases. Seasonal pest control, fertilization and tree disease treatments ensure your trees remain healthy and beautiful, adding aesthetic value to your landscaping.

Of course, if you spot something suspicious on any of your trees, don't hesitate to call Russ’s Tree Service or email photos of what you've noticed. The longer you wait to take action, the greater the risk of a problem getting worse.

Contact the tree treatment service Milwaukee trusts for high-quality, affordable tree care.

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