Emergency Tree Service Brookfield

Waukesha Tree Removal Specialists Come To Aid of Local Homeowners

The summer storm of 2014 left a path of destruction across our area. Many of the older neighborhoods lost some of their oldest and largest trees. At this home, a particularly large oak tree nearly crushed the homeowner’s garage. Fortunately, it wasn’t a direct hit and the garage suffered only minor damage.

When a tree of this size comes down, you need professional Waukesha tree removal experts. This homeowner knew Russ’s Tree Service had a great reputation and 24-hour emergency tree service, so we were first on their call list. Our crew was on the scene as quickly as possible. Our Waukesha tree service specialists took to the enormous branch with a chain saw, dividing the tree into more manageable sections. Once the large branch was safely removed, we took the sections from the Brookfield emergency tree service project and loaded into one of our trucks for hauling. Since our trucks use a turf-friendly system to evenly disperse weight, the homeowner’s yard was not damaged by our equipment, leaving the property virtually undisturbed.

Russ’s Tree Service helps homeowners and businesses throughout the area with regular tree trimming and tree removal services. As certified arborists, we are well qualified to help with all Wisconsin tree care services, including pest infestations like the notorious Emerald Ash Borer.

Our Waukesha tree service company has been serving communities throughout Southeast Wisconsin for years.  People know we respond quickly when there’s a need for emergency tree service. They also respect and appreciate how careful we are in minimizing ground impact. Local residents value our fair and affordable trees services prices. It’s no surprise our reputation precedes us. 

Whether you have a tree emergency or just need some light tree trimming, you can’t do better than Russ’s Tree Service. Woodchip delivery, kiln dried firewood, tree removal, stump removal and tree removal and hauling—whatever tree-related issues you have—Russ’s can help.

Contact our Waukesha arborists today to schedule your Wisconsin tree service needs.