Tree Removal Oak Creek

24 Hour Milwaukee Tree Service Company Cleans Up Major Tree Storm Damage

The summer of 2014 saw one of the most ferocious storms in recent history. Thousands of homeowners and businesses across our area were left with significant tree damage. As always, our tree removal experts were first on the scene to clean up the tree storm damage left behind.

During the storm, this homeowner knew the loud crack of thunder and the sound of splitting wood outside his home meant lightning had scored a direct hit on his trees. An old locust tree on the left side of his driveway snapped off just below treetop level. The dangling branches and foliage not only made it impossible to access the garage, they also made the entire area unsafe due to the possibility of other large branches breaking off and falling. After searching the internet for emergency tree service in Oak Creek, WI, these homeowners immediately found Russ’s Tree Service.

Using ground impact minimizing cranes to access the higher branches, our Milwaukee tree trimmers cut the large tree down into sections which could easily be loaded into our one of our large tree hauling trucks. The proximity of the compromised tree in relation to the houses on either side required precision cutting and expert operation of the crane to pick up large sections of the tree trunk.

Whether you need emergency tree removal or just some light tree trimming, Russ’s Tree Service has you covered. Our experienced crew, sophisticated equipment and commitment to exceeding expectations make us the number one choice of homeowners and businesses throughout Southeast Wisconsin.

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