Southeast Wisconsin Storm Damage Cleanup Service

24/7 Emergency Tree Removal

Wisconsin storms can grow incredibly powerful, with winds strong enough to knock down large branches and old trees in an instant. As quickly as weather has the ability to change and take us by storm, our reliable Waukesha tree service professionals will be at your door helping you get your property back to normal. The phone at Russ’s Tree Service is always on to take emergency calls and our crews respond within 24 hours to get your yard back in order as soon as possible.

Storm Damage Services:

Storm damage
Milwaukee Tree Fallen After Storm

Fast, Affordable Post-Storm Tree Removal for the Milwaukee Area

Fallen trees, broken limbs and other yard damages caused by harsh weather is always stressful. Our Milwaukee tree removal professionals are committed to making it all a little easier to deal with by providing fast and affordable tree care services throughout southeast Wisconsin.

Cleaning up your own yard after a storm can be a hassle and dangerous. Tree limbs touching powerlines can cause fatal shocks. Splintered stumps can cause cuts and scrapes. The team of Russ’s Tree Service combine years of experience with the latest equipment to safely remove post-storm debris from your yard.

Signs a Damaged Tree Needs to Be Removed from Your Property Immediately

  • Branches are growing directly over a structure (house, power lines, etc)
  • Large branches keep cracking or falling off
  • Many dead branches
  • Missing bark
  • Fungus and mold on the tree
  • Tree has fallen onto a structure
  • Roots are exposed or rotting

Emergency Tree Removal in Wisconsin

Severe weather can cause multiple trees to fall all at once. Heavy ice from winter storms can weigh down branches until they break. Downed trees are dangerous if near powerlines and should be removed as soon as possible. At Russ’s Tree Services, we have 24-hour emergency tree removal to speed up your yard repair. Our storm cleanup service removes trees, branches, and leaves scattered around your property.

Wind Storm Tree Removal for Southeast Wisconsin Properties

Russ’s Tree Service provides tree removal to both residential and commercial properties throughout southeastern Wisconsin, including Milwaukee, Waukesha, Brookfield, Racine, Kenosha, West Allis, Union Grove and Muskego. When a storm ruins your yard, give us a call right away before your neighbors do!

With our years of field experience, cutting-edge (and turf-friendly) tree care equipment, and commitment to safety, Russ’s Tree Service is your answer in emergency situations.

Contact the emergency tree removal service Waukesha residents trust for fast, affordable and high-quality results after storms.