Brush Mowing Services

SE Wisconsin Land Clearing

Brush clearing is a key first step to any new construction project or a great way to create more space on your land. Grinding brush and other ground-level plants like Buckthorn requires unique methods and equipment. Our brush clearing pros can clear your land quickly for an affordable rate, no matter how big the project.

Affordable Milwaukee Area Brush Mowing

Professional brush clearing does not need to be expensive! So, at Russ’s Tree Service, we make it as affordable as we can. Each land clearing project is unique. In some cases, only brush needs to be cleared, sometimes only tree removal is needed, and in other cases a mixture of the two. As experienced professionals, if we see a less expensive alternative, we’ll let you know.

Buckthorn Clearing

Buckthorn is a tall shrub or a small tree. Many buckthorn hedges can be found in older neighborhoods. It can be pulled out with your hands or hand tools. You can also cut it, suffocate the roots, apply herbicide or remove the stumps. If you don't want to take care of it yourself, you can hire the experts at Russ Tree Service to handle it for you. 

Permits for Land Clearing in Wisconsin

If you plan on clearing more than 1 acre of land at a time in Wisconsin, you are required to get a permit from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. Some exemptions exist for clearing land for agricultural applications. Check with your local municipality for any additional permits you’re required to have before moving forward with any land clearing project. In most cases, you do not need additional permits if you own the land being cleared.

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