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Pruning and maintenanceProlong the life of your trees by choosing a certified arborist for your tree maintenance: Russ’s Tree Service. We know when and how to best prune a tree at the branches or roots. Pruning at the wrong time can leave trees exposed to insect or fungal infection. Cutting at the wrong spot can cause the tree to waste nutrients. And pruning in wet conditions can lead to the spread of mold. Hire our local, certified arborists to handle all the details of pruning for you so your trees stay healthy.

Our Wisconsin tree service professionals offer expert, affordably priced branch pruning and tree trimming maintenance services. We know when and how to best prune each type of tree or when a just trim is needed. We not only keep trees healthy, we spare you the often hazardous work that can cause injury if not done properly and with specialized equipment.

Common Reasons to Prune a Tree

  • Remove damaged or diseased branches
  • Give the tree or bush a shape
  • Stop branches from overlapping
  • Protect branches from ice damage
  • Remove lower branches that are getting in the way
  • Reduce the height of the tree
  • Thin the crown of the tree for better air circulation and more vigorous growth

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Root Pruning in Wisconsin

Roots growing up out of the ground around the base of a tree not only look bad, they can be so invasive that they start killing off the grass in your law and making it impossible to mow without hitting the lawnmower blade on the roots. This is when many homeowners look into root pruning.

Tree roots growing above groundCan you cut out above-ground tree roots without harming the tree? Unfortunately, there’s no iron-clad guarantee that pruning roots won’t hurt (or even kill) a tree. For this reason, we generally recommend root pruning only when the roots are so close to a nearby structure (foundation wall, for instance) as to cause damage. It’s also a good idea to have a certified arborist do the pruning, or at least get some input from one.

We take a conservative approach to pruning tree roots by not pruning any root more than 2” in diameter. Doing so can compromise a tree’s ability to take in water and nutrients. We avoid removing roots close to the trunk of the tree, since these are part of the tree’s supporting structure. We also won’t prune out more than 20% of above-ground roots at a time, and we allow the tree 2 to 3 years to recover before doing any further pruning. This approach has worked well, although it's obviously not the quick fix many homeowners are seeking. Still, it's better to proceed cautiously than to risk losing a tree.

When is the best time of year for branch and root pruning?

As with branch pruning, the best time to cut tree roots is in the winter or early spring, when the tree’s growth cycle is on hold. This allows the tree some time to recover before the next growing season.

Getting your trees trimmed before winter starts can minimize ice damage. Snow can weigh down weak branches until they break. Winterize your trees by getting pruning and trimming done before the snows start this winter.

Tree Pruning Service in Wisconsin

Contact the tree pruning service Waukesha County and surrounding regions turn to for exceptional tree maintenance.

Russ’s Tree Service provides tree trimming, pruning and tree care services to residential and commercial properties throughout southeastern Wisconsin, including Milwaukee, Waukesha, Brookfield, Racine, Kenosha, West Allis, Union Grove and Muskego.