Tree Service Muskego Girl Scout Silver Award Testimonial

"We would like to thank you for the truckload of woodchips. We really appreciate you helping us out with our Silver Award Project. You have helped make the gazebo a more inviting place. The woodchips you provided helped keep the weeds from coming back and held the water in (especially this summer!), making the garden look that much better. We were amazed at how much a truckload really was and how much work it required to put in place, but the final results were worth it. Your donation really helped in keeping us within our budget. Many people had come by as we were working and complimented the work that we were doing. The compliments are because of caring people like you. We greatly appreciate your support to help make our Girl Scout Silver Award project possible. Thank you for providing us with the means to make this a successful project and to have fun while doing it." --Kelsey and Ashley, Tree Service Muskego Customer