Boxelder Bugs Infestation in Wisconsin Trees

Treatment from Certified Milwaukee Area Arborists

Boxelder bugs (Boisea trivittata) may seem like a minor pest but they can cause major headaches for Wisconsin property owners. The biggest threat of boxelder bug infestations is that they will move from your trees into your home or business. Once inside, their waste can leave stains on surfaces. If there is a large population of boxelders on your property, contact Russ’s Tree Service certified arborists for treatment options to prevent infestations.

Maple Leaf with Black Tar Spots
Maple Leaf with Black Tar Spots

Identify Boxelder Bugs

  • Flat, oval shaped body
  • Black body with red/orange highlights
  • Under half an inch in length
  • Congregate in sunny areas

Most boxelder bug infestations begin in fall, as the bugs move indoors to survive the winter. Then they reemerge in spring as they try to move back outside.

Will Removing Boxelder Trees Stop Infestations?

Boxelder and maple trees are the most likely to be infested by boxelder bugs. They sometimes move into ash trees. We treat these trees to prevent boxelders from moving in in the first place. This is far easier and more affordable than removing the otherwise healthy trees.

In fact, boxelder bugs rarely kill the trees they infest. Only trees which are already failing are at risk. As such, cutting down full grown trees is not recommended. However, we do suggest avoiding building new structures near boxelder trees in the future.

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