Gypsy Moths Prevention in Southeast Wisconsin

Stop Moth Infestations with Certified Milwaukee Arborists

Gypsy moths are an invasive insect common in Wisconsin. Like Emerald Ash Borers and Japanese beetles, gypsy moths are incredibly destructive to trees and plants. Russ’s Tree Service has certified arborists who pre-treat trees to prevent initial infestations and remove trees to stop the insects from spreading.

Wisconsin Gypsy Moth

How Do Gypsy Moths Damage Trees?

The gypsy moth is an invasive species, the result of hybrid breeding. When it initially lacked native predators it was able to spread with ease. Now it is found throughout the northeastern United States. Large infestations can lead to defoliation of trees. Without leaves, the trees will die.

Signs of Gypsy Moths

Gypsy moths and their caterpillars can be hard to spot because they are more active at night. There are a few ways to spot them:

  • Brown egg sacks attached to tree bark
  • Large larvae (over 2 inches) with 10 blue bumps along their front and 12 red bumps on their back
  • Defoliation of otherwise healthy appearing trees
  • Bare branches

Avoid contact with gypsy moth caterpillars if you find them on your trees. They can cause skin irritation similar to poison ivy.

Tree Care for Residential and Commercial Properties

The certified arborists of Russ’s Tree Service are here to help. Once you spot signs of a gypsy moth infestation you should call us for a quote. Using insecticides on your own is not enough to ensure the pests are removed. If a tree is fully defoliated it will eventually die. In worst case scenarios we’ll remove the infested tree to protect the rest of your plants.

Contact Russ’s Tree Service for a quote on preventing gypsy moths from infesting your trees.