Maple Tar Fungus in Southeast Wisconsin

How to Treat Black Spots on Maple Leaves

Tar spots on maple leaves are a sign of a Rhytisma acerinum fungal infection in a tree. These small black spots start small but grow up to half an inch in size. While the fungus itself isn’t as bad for trees as an Emerald Ash Borer infestation, infection can cause long-lasting problems for maple trees. Damage can happen if the black spots grow large enough to kill of the leaf. Multiple leaves dying off will injure the branch and then the trunk. In worst case scenarios, the tree can die.

If your maple tree has black spots on the leaves, contact the certified arborists of Russ’s Tree Service for treatment options. This fungus can infect:

  • Silver maples
  • Sycamore maples
  • Norway maples
Maple Leaf with Black Tar Spots
Maple Leaf with Black Tar Spots

Certified Arborists Pretreat Trees to Prevent Fungal Infections

Fungal infections can spread quickly from tree to tree. If a tree in your neighborhood has signs of infection, your trees are already at risk. Russ’s Tree Service has ways to pretreat trees to reduce the chances of the fungus taking hold. We have several preventive treatments for stopping tree diseases and insect infestation.

Trees affected by black tar spots can be saved. Fortunately, this fungus is mostly superficial. In rare cases the infection can cause an already sick tree to die. Our certified arborists can attempt to save it or remove sick trees from your property.

Signs of Tar Spots

  • Black spots of leaves ranging from the size of a pencil eraser to a quarter
  • Light green or yellow spots with dark centers
  • Spots tend to be scattered across the leaf with no set pattern
  • Raised bumps with a tar-like consistency

Any infected leaves shed from the tree should be destroyed so the spores don’t spread.

Additional Tree Services in Southeast Wisconsin

Russ’s Tree Services provides a wide range of arboreal services to our southeast Wisconsin customers. From basic pruning to emergency removal, we do it all. Ask our certified arborists about the best maintenance plan for keeping all your trees healthy and growing.

Contact Russ’s Tree Service for maple leaf spot treatment in southeast Wisconsin.