Oak Wilt Treatment in Wisconsin

Certified Milwaukee Arborists Care for Fungus Infected Trees

Oak wilt disease (Ceratocystis fagacearum) is known as a killer of oak trees across the state of Wisconsin. In fact, this tree disease was first discovered in our state in the 1940s. This unfortunate honor means Wisconsin oak trees have been fighting off this disease for decades. The certified arborists of Russ’s Tree Service are experienced with treating local oak trees to prevent wilt fungus infection.

Oak wilt affects:

  • White oaks:
  • Bur
  • Post
  • Scrub
  • Red oaks:
  • Black
  • Pin
  • Scarlet
  • Willow

Oak wilt will spread from oak to oak if the initial infection is not thoroughly treated. Our arborists provide tree care services to prevent fungal infections from reaching your trees.

If the tree is already infected and beyond saving, we can remove the tree and grind the stump to stop wilt from spreading further. If any of your oak trees have sign of this fungus give us a call. Prevention is key to saving your trees.

Wisconsin Oak Tree with Oak Wilt Infection

Leaves with Oak Wilt

Symptoms of Oak Wilt

The main symptoms of oak wilt are fairly easy to spot:

  • Leaf discoloration – leaves will begin to turn brown
  • Green leaves may begin to die and fall off
  • Small branches and offshoots will begin to die and fall off

Fungus may be visible under the barkInfected red oaks can die in under a year without any treatment. White oaks tend to last longer, up to several years.

How Oak Wilt Spreads

Oak wilt generally spreads through the roots or insects. Oaks which grow too close together can develop interconnected root grafts. An infection in one tree can spread through the roots to other nearby oaks. Insects who live in the under bark spore mats of infected oaks can spread the spores of the fungus.

Interestingly, infections tend to spread only from infected red oaks. White oaks tend to die without producing spore mats which can spread the fungus. If you notice any symptoms of oak wilt in a red oak you need to move fast to prevent further infection.

Oak Wilt Infection Treatment in Wisconsin

Pre-treatment is one of the most effective ways of saving your oak trees from wilt. A single red oak infection can spread very quickly. It’s best to have your trees evaluated early by our certified arborists. We also know when and where it is safe to prune oak trees to reduce the risk of infection.

Request an oak wilt treatment estimate from our certified Milwaukee arborists.