Milwaukee Stump Grinding Service

What is Stump Grinding?

Stump grinding involves using a high-powered grinder to reduce the tree stump into small pieces of wood. The stump can be ground down a few inches below ground level. It’s then covered with topsoil. The rest of the root structure will decay over time. Since stump grinding requires only a stump grinding machine, there’s a lot less equipment and labor than a stump removal job would require—which is why stump grinding costs considerably less than stump removal.

Stump Grinding: Your Most Cost-Effective Choice For Tree Stumps

Whether it’s because a tree dies, is blown over, or has to be removed because it has grown too big, there is always a stump left in the ground after it is cut down. It just isn’t possible to cut the base of the tree completely flush with the ground. You’re left with three options:

  1. Leave the stump in your yard
  2. Have the stump removed
  3. Have the stump ground down.

Obviously, leaving the stump is the most economical option, but if you don’t like having a stump to remind you of where a tree once stood, or if you’re concerned about the tree regenerating from the stump - you want the stump gone. This leaves you two choices: stump grinding or stump removal. 

Milwaukee Area’s Best Stump Grinding Service

Russ’s Tree Service Milwaukee tree removal specialists have years of stump grinding experience using industry-leading stump grinding equipment to break down the largest stumps. We serve both residential and commercial properties throughout the greater Milwaukee area and often travel even further for larger-scale stump grinding jobs.

Although tree removal involves the use of heavy equipment, we take every precaution possible to avoid any damage to lawns, homes and surrounding landscaping. With ISA certified arborists on staff, Russ’s Tree Service can also advise you of existing or potential problems with other trees on your property.


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