Milwaukee Area Stump Removal Services

With a stump removal service, the entire stump and root ball of the tree is removed. With large trees, this requires a heavy-duty crane and a truck big enough for the weight and size of the root ball. For this reason, we usually recommend stump grinding if the tree is fairly small and the root structure is not threatening a foundation or other structure on your property.

Certified Arborists Offer Fast, Affordable, Expert Stump and Root Removal

When a tree dies or is blown over in a storm, having the remaining trunk cut up and hauled away is just the first step to restoring your yard. There’s more to the tree under the ground. The certified arborists of Russ’s Tree Service remove full trees, including underground stumps and root systems.

While we usually cut the trunk fairly close to the ground, you'll have a stump in your yard constantly reminding you of where a beautiful tree once stood. It’s more than just an eyesore – it’s hard to mow around. It takes up valuable yard space, and a rotting stump provides the perfect spot for opportunistic termites or carpenter ants to establish a colony.

Then there are times when a tree is blown over in a storm and you're left with a huge, uprooted (or partially uprooted) root ball. On a large tree, the root ball structure can be enormous--and enormously heavy. You’ll need professional assistance to get it out. Our fast and affordable emergency tree removal clears up tree debris from your yard after storms.

Request a free stump removal estimate from Russ’s Tree Service if you need a stump or root ball removed.

Professional Stump Removal Services for all of Southeastern Wisconsin

Russ’s Tree Service has our professional Milwaukee tree removal specialists quickly and completely remove stumps and stubborn roots. Our tree removal contractors serve residential and commercial properties throughout southeastern Wisconsin. We’re willing to travel further for big stump removal jobs. Russ’s Tree Service safely removes the extra-large stumps with our advanced turf-friendly tree removal equipment.

With over 20 years of experience, our tree and stump removal experts are equipped to attack the toughest stump and root removal problems in southeastern Wisconsin. Our tree removal experts and certified arborists primarily serve the greater Milwaukee area, including Waukesha County, Racine County, Brookfield, and Muskego.

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