Tree Disease Treatment & Pest Control

Affordable Tree Care in SE Wisconsin

Healthy trees add natural beauty to any property. Keep your trees healthy by relying on the tree service Milwaukee and Waukesha County residents have trusted for years: Russ’s Tree Service. Our skilled tree care professionals have extensive experience providing a wide range of tree care services at affordable prices—from routine fertilization to treatment for the Wisconsin Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) and other invasive species.

Milwaukee Certified Arborists Keep Your Trees Healthy

The main causes of damage to trees are infestations by invasive species, disease, and accidents. We handle treating trees with all these issues including highly damaging Emerald Ash Borer infestations. Our tree care service includes diagnosing the source of damage and then finding the best treatment option.

If an infected tree cannot be saved, our Milwaukee tree removal specialists cut down and haul away the remains, taking every precaution possible to avoid insects in the tree becoming dislodged and migrating to other nearby ash trees.

Common Insect Infestations in Wisconsin Trees

Common Wisconsin Tree Diseases

8 Signs Your Trees Have an Insect Infestation

  1. Carved out areas in the wood that look like trails
  2. Small holes where insects enter and exit
  3. Small piles of sawdust on branches, bark or at base of tree
  4. Dying leaves & branches
  5. Sap oozing from dark pits in the bark
  6. Patchy areas of yellow leaves or needles
  7. Masses of small eggs in a foamy, sticky material
  8. Cottony sacks full of eggs under branches

If you notice these symptoms, please call Russ’s Tree Service. Fast treatment from our arborists can remove the infestation or start the tree removal process to protect the surrounding trees.

All too often, we get calls from concerned homeowners when it’s too late to do anything to save the tree. For this reason, our certified Milwaukee arborists recommend yearly checkups to ensure your trees are free of diseases and pests. If we spot a problem, we can treat it promptly and get your tree healthy again. Otherwise, the only option is removal and stump grinding to clear the diseased tree away.

Preventive Care Treatments for Trees at Milwaukee Homes and Businesses

Incidental impacts and scrapes often remove the tree’s protective bark, leaving the trunk exposed and vulnerable. The exposed trunk can easily become infected with fungus, invasive species and tree diseases. Seasonal pest control, fertilization and tree disease treatments ensure your trees remain healthy and beautiful, adding aesthetic value to your landscaping.

Of course, if you spot something suspicious on any of your trees, don't hesitate to call Russ’s Tree Service or email photos of what you've noticed. The longer you wait to take action, the greater the risk of a problem getting worse.

Contact the tree treatment service Milwaukee trusts for high-quality, affordable tree care.