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Russ rentalsRuss’s Tree Service and Removal employs the best team of arborists Milwaukee has to offer. Our certified arborists assist in properly identifying invasive tree diseases, including those relating to pest control. We also have our certified arborists support Russ’s Tree Service and Removal in a variety of arboriculture projects, including Wisconsin firewood safety, tree pruning and maintenance, tree removal, and perfect woodchip distribution. Our arborists serve as a valuable resource for providing the most current information on local tree care. Below is an ever-expanding resource composed of interesting and informative articles offering various industry tips, tricks and news releases. From answering questions like “When is the best time to plant trees in Wisconsin” to offering tips on how to protect your plant life from the emerald ash borer infestation, we are your most comprehensive resource for tree care.

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Wood Chips for Southeast Wisconsin Landscaping

Certified Arborists Wood Chips for Pickup or Delivery Russ’s Tree Service creates wood chips when we remove trees and stumps from properties across southeast Wisconsin. Order our arborists wood chips in spring to promote healthy plant growth all summer long. We deliver by the truckload to sav…

How Storms Damage Wisconsin Trees

Emergency Tree Removal after Wind, Ice, and Flooding Damage Trees of all ages and sizes can be endangered by severe Wisconsin weather. Fallen branches and uprooted trunks can ruin your yard. Removing tree debris is no easy task. Get professional help from the emergency tree removal experts of Russ&…

Never Do This To Your Trees! The Huge Tree Care Mistake Everybody is Making!

Don't let this happen to your tree! Wisconsin Trees Need Pruning, NOT Topping Often, homeowners are concerned about a tree that’s become so large it blocks sunlight, obscures a view, or is getting too close to electrical power lines. They don’t necessarily want to re…

Frequently Asked Questions About Black Spots on Maple Tree Leaves

Every spring and summer, we get calls from Milwaukee area homeowners concerned about black spots on the leaves of their maple trees. The spots appear on leaves in the spring as small, light green to yellow spots with bumpy, dark discolorations inside them and progress over the spring and summer into…

Wisconsin Tree Removal Not A Job For Weekend Woodsmen

Count On Russ’s Tree Service Professionals For Safe, Affordable And Complete Tree Removal If you spend any time looking at videos on youtube, you may have come across some of the many DIY tree removal gone wrong videos. It’s always a hoot watching some hapless guy fell a tree onto his h…

Frequently Asked Questions on the Emerald Ash Borer

FAQ From Wisconsin Homeowners About The Emerald Ash Borer By now, just about everyone has heard about the Emerald Ash Borer (Agrilus planipennis). We still get numerous questions about this pest, though, so we have compiled some of the most frequently asked questions about the Emerald Ash Borer (ak…

What Qualifications and Experience Should a Tree Service Have?

Wisconsin Certified Arborists On What To Look For In A Tree Service Company It may seem surprising, but many Milwaukee area homeowners who hire a tree service rarely even contemplate this question. In their defense, sometimes there just isn’t time. When a freak storm takes down a huge tree in…

Milwaukee Firewood Suppliers Share A Hot Tip For A More Efficient Fire

Building a Better Fireplace Fire It seems as though everyone and his brother have their own technique for building a fire in the fireplace. For those convinced their way is the best, nothing from a crew of Milwaukee firewood suppliers is going to change their minds. But if you’re open to tryi…

Winter Storm Damage Tree Removal Service in Milwaukee

Russ’ Tree Service Provides Prompt, Affordable Tree Removal “…great tree branches ripped from their moorings with startling suddenness came hurtling downward through the air to strike the ground with such force that the sounds at times resembled those of a thunderstorm.” -…

Winter Tree Pruning Tips For Milwaukee Homeowners

Our Milwaukee Certified Arborists Offer Advice On Winter Tree Pruning In Wisconsin As we head into another winter, our Milwaukee Certified Arborists recommend pruning your trees and shrubs. Most woody plants go dormant over the winter, which makes this the best time of year for pruning. Also, since…

Winter Tree Survival Tips For Southeast Wisconsin

Waukesha Certified Arborists Share 4 Last Minute Life Savers For Your Trees We humans aren’t the only ones who have a tough time in the winter. Trees are also vulnerable in the extreme cold temperatures in Southeast Wisconsin. With a little planning, though, you can help your trees survive th…

Emergency Tree Damage Service in Waukesha and Southeast Wisconsin

Milwaukee Tree Service Company Providing 24 Hour Emergency Tree Service Has your property recently been impacted by the storms ripping through Southeast Wisconsin? Many area residents are experiencing broken branches and downed trees which are posing imminent danger, blocking driveways, or just com…

Milwaukee Tree Service Provider Branches Out to Bigger and Better Website

Clearing Deadweight to Make Room for Beautiful Redesign Russ’s Tree Service, your premier Milwaukee Tree Removal and Service provider, has recently chopped down our old site to make room for our beautiful, redesigned website. Our new Milwaukee tree service website provides you with user-frien…