How Storms Damage Wisconsin Trees

Emergency Tree Removal after Wind, Ice, and Flooding Damage

Trees of all ages and sizes can be endangered by severe Wisconsin weather. Fallen branches and uprooted trunks can ruin your yard. Removing tree debris is no easy task. Get professional help from the emergency tree removal experts of Russ’s Tree Service.

Wind and Tree Damage

Wind is one of the main causes of storm damage to trees. Storm winds average about 20 miles per hour, more than enough force to start taking down older branches. Larger storms capable of producing tornados have wind speeds over 65 miles per hour.

Broken branches and downed trees need to be cleared from your yard to prevent damage to other plants and property structures. If a weakened tree is close to your home call Russ’s Tree Service for a professional removal before it falls on its own in the next storm.

Wisconsin House Damaged by Tree
Icy Tree on Lake Michigan

Tree Damage from Ice and Snow

Cold temperatures during winter storms can cause ice to freeze around the tree trunk and branches. Accumulating snow then weighs down the branches, causing cracks. Add a little bit of wind and suddenly half the branches have fallen off.

Russ’s Tree Service arborists provide trimming and pruning services in warm weather months to prevent excess weight in winter. Well-maintained branches are less likely to crack under the weight of ice and snow.

Flood Waters and Tree Damage

Heavy rain and melted snow can saturate the ground where your trees are planted. Too much water can drown the roots and kill your trees. Water stress can leave permanent damage. Some trees will recover, others won’t.

If there have been heavy rains near your home, get your trees checked by Russ’s Tree Service. We offer tree care and treating services to keep your trees as healthy as possible. If the floods have irreversibly damaged your tree we can provide swift removal.

Milwaukee Trees in Flood Water

Post-Storm Yard Cleanup

When a storm clears safety should be your first priority during the cleanup process. Hire the professional tree removal specialists of Russ’s Tree Service to get rid of branches, roots, and trunks from your yard. After we clear the debris we’ll cleanup your lawn to remove all traces the storm left behind.

Contact Russ’s Tree Service for emergency tree removal services.