What Qualifications and Experience Should a Tree Service Have?

Wisconsin Certified Arborists On What To Look For In A Tree Service Company

It may seem surprising, but many Milwaukee area homeowners who hire a tree service rarely even contemplate this question. In their defense, sometimes there just isn’t time. When a freak storm takes down a huge tree in your yard, you probably just do a quick online search, make a few calls and choose the tree service company that can clean up the mess the soonest and at the lowest price.

While this might work out ok for many homeowners, the old saying “the lowest price isn’t always the best value” is true more often than not. Usually, tree service companies lacking the proper equipment or experience end up taking longer and charging more. Also, the bigger the job, the greater the potential for things to go wrong—particularly if the tree service doesn’t have the right equipment and the necessary experience.

When there’s no emergency, there’s really no excuse for not taking a little time to make a good choice. So, what exactly should you look for in a tree service? Good question! Here are a few things to ask of any tree service you’re considering hiring:

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Top 5 Questions To Ask When Hiring a Tree Care Service

1.    Are they licensed and insured? Trees can be quite large and heavy, more than capable of inflicting severe damage to property and persons. If a novice crane operator accidentally drops a 5,000 lb. tree trunk on your roof, or someone loses a few fingers to a chainsaw, you absolutely do not want your homeowner’s insurance on the hook for injuries or damages. As you might have guessed, Russ’s Tree Service is a licensed and insured Wisconsin tree service company. We also have the experience to avoid such catastrophic scenarios (see #2 below).

2.    What kind of experience do they have?  Thinning out dense branches thirty feet up is not a job for novices. Besides knowing which branches to cut, you need to know how to cut them without harming other branches when they fall and how to not accidentally sever half a leg in the process. Our tree service climbers and crane operator have over 20 years of experience trimming and removing large trees. No one knows the job better.

3.    Are they Certified Arborists? A Certified Arborist has extensive training in the art and science of tree care. Certification requires passing a rigorous examination by the International Society of Arboriculture, strict adherence to a Code of Ethics, and continuing education in order to maintain certification. Trust us, there’s much more to certification than a multiple choice test. Do you want to have complete confidence your tree service knows what they’re doing? Make sure they’re Certified Arborists like Russ’s Tree Service.

4.    Do they have the equipment to get the job done? A couple of guys with a pickup truck might work out fine for simple yard cleanup jobs, but trimming large branches at heights of 20 to 40 feet requires serious equipment. Russ’s Tree Service has some of the most advanced tree service equipment in the Milwaukee area, including a knuckle boom crane with a 97’ reach and a turf-friendly, 8-wheel articulated Gehl loader to minimize damage to lawns. Having the right equipment for bigger jobs means we can get the job done faster (and usually at less cost) than many tree services making do with inadequate equipment.

5.    Do they have a good reputation? Ask for a few references. Look them up online. Often, a little detective work will give you an idea if the tree service company you’re considering hiring does good work or not. In our case, Russ’s Tree Service has a 20+ year history of friendly, professional tree care service throughout southeast Wisconsin. Our customer testimonials speak for themselves.

Whether you need an expert opinion on treatment for a tree afflicted by the Emerald Ash Borer, want to get a tree stump removed, or suddenly find yourself with a large tree knocked over by a severe storm, give Russ’s Tree Service a call. We offer prompt, expert and surprisingly affordable tree care services throughout all of southeast Wisconsin.

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