Wisconsin Tree Removal Not A Job For Weekend Woodsmen

Count On Russ’s Tree Service Professionals For Safe, Affordable And Complete Tree Removal

If you spend any time looking at videos on youtube, you may have come across some of the many DIY tree removal gone wrong videos. It’s always a hoot watching some hapless guy fell a tree onto his house, but the serious injuries and damages caused every year by falling trees are no laughing matter. Unfortunately, few homeowners realize just how easy it is for things to go wrong on this sort of DIY project.

Given the size and weight of even modestly sized trees (around the 20 ft. mark), tree removal is an inherently dangerous activity. If you do not have the proper equipment—not only adequately sized and powered chainsaws, but also safety equipment—you are far better off hiring a professional. Seriously, the cost of having a professional handle a tree removal is far less than repairs to a home which has been bisected by a falling tree.

Top Three Reasons To Remove A Tree:

  1. A tree has become too large for its location and is threatening the structure of a home, or is creating too much shade in a yard for other plants to survive
  2. A tree has become diseased, or has died, and needs to be removed before it suddenly comes crashing down. Trees with hollowed interiors due to disease often fall in unpredictable ways. If houses are anywhere nearby, it is highly advisable to have professionals handle removing such trees.
  3. A tree has been broken apart or knocked over by a storm and needs to be removed immediately (aka “emergency tree removal”).

Of the three scenarios above, it is usually the dead or dying tree which causes the most problems. These are the trees most likely to topple over during a thunderstorm or in gusty weather, and homeowners have a responsibility to have them removed before they take down a power line or crash into a neighbor’s yard.

Diseased trees often have hollow trunks and unstable limbs, which make them unstable to climb on and unpredictable when being felled. Attempts by homeowners to cut down these trees often go horribly wrong. If the tree in question is large, the safest way to ensure it doesn’t end up on your car or house is to use a crane to hold it securely in place while the trunk is sawed off, then lift it into an area where it can be safely set down and cut into smaller pieces for firewood.

As you can imagine, a 47-metric ton boom crane isn’t exactly something you can find at the local Git’r Done rental shop.

Professional Tree Removal Services In Southeast Wisconsin—No Matter What The Situation

Whether you’re looking to have a large pine tree removed because it’s keeping sunlight from reaching your vegetable garden or need someone to haul away the 40-foot maple tree now lying across your lawn after being hit by lightning, our Milwaukee tree care professionals can handle any tree removal.

Besides a crew of experienced workers, we have a fleet of industry-leading tree removal equipment. All work is done in the most lawn-friendly manner possible, and your property is cleared of all branches and debris before we leave. Perhaps most appealing to any cash-strapped homeowner, we keep our prices affordable.

Milwaukee Stump Grinding And Stump Removal Service: When You Don’t Want Any Trace Of A Tree Left Behind

If you don’t like the idea of a stump in your yard, we can bring in a stump grinder and grind it down to the point you’ll never even know it was there. Generally speaking, we cut trees as close to the ground as safely possible—usually around 8 inches from the ground for larger trees, several inches lower for smaller ones. Our stump grinder can then take a stump down to about 8 inches below soil level— deep enough for grass or plants to grow on top of it.

If you don't want anything at all left in the ground, we also offer stump removal. This involves considerably more work but is sometimes necessary if you have a stump with a lot of surface roots or have plans to build something which requires a foundation wall right where the tree stump sits.

Turning Your Tree Into Wood Chips Or Firewood

When we cut down a tree, homeowners sometimes ask if we can cut it up into smaller sections so they can use it for firewood. Yes, we can do this, but because this is extra labor for our crew there is a fee for doing this. Prices depend on the size of the tree, but we always keep them reasonable.

Similarly, homeowners will ask if they can have their downed tree branches ground for use in their landscaping. Since we generally have a grinder on-site, it’s no problem to leave a pile of wood chips on your driveway.

If you need more wood chips than are produced by grinding your downed branches, we deliver landscaping woodchips throughout southeast Wisconsin and also have them for sale at our Muskego location.

Contact our Milwaukee tree service company for a FREE quote on your tree removal or stump grinding job.