Winter Storm Damage Tree Removal Service in Milwaukee

Russ’ Tree Service Provides Prompt, Affordable Tree Removal

“…great tree branches ripped from their moorings with startling suddenness came hurtling downward through the air to strike the ground with such force that the sounds at times resembled those of a thunderstorm.”
- W. E. Rogers, reporting on an ice storm in southern Wisconsin in 1924

Almost every winter, the greater Milwaukee area gets at least one good ice storm and a heavy, wet snow. Blizzards with wind gusts of up to 60 mph are not unheard of in southeast Wisconsin, and we also get an average of 3 days per year with freezing rain. A few days may not sound like much, but it’s sufficient for all sorts of chaos and destruction. Entire neighborhoods are often left with broken tree branches and downed trees all over the place.

When Mother Nature savages trees on your property, Russ’ Tree Service is here to pick up the pieces. Our certified Milwaukee arborists will assess your damaged trees to determine if it is possible to salvage them or not. If necessary, we will remove and dispose of them. And thanks to our state-of-the-industry, turf-friendly equipment, you won't be left with deep tire tracks all over your lawn.

Often, large trees have damaged branches caught in the upper portion of the tree. If your house is under a broken branch, you need someone with the equipment and the expertise to remove the branch before it comes crashing into your home. Russ' Tree Service has both, and we respond quickly in situations like this to ensure the safety of your family and your home. If you have a branch dangling precariously above your house, contact our Milwaukee tree removal experts immediately at (414) 422-9298. We're on duty 24/7 to handle emergency situations.

Milwaukee Landscapers Offering Removal Of Storm Damaged Trees

Tree Inspections: Proactive Approach Helps Minimize Winter Storm Damage

While heavy snow and ice accumulations can take down even healthy trees, the first to fall are usually trees which have weakened branches due to disease. Sometimes, the manner in which branches are growing from the trunk of a tree makes them more susceptible to breaking. If your trees have not been professionally trimmed, or show signs of damage, we highly recommend having one of our Milwaukee certified arborists come take a look—especially if you have larger trees with branches overhanging your house.

Don’t take chances with your trees or your home. If any trees on your property show signs which could make them more prone to breakage under the weight of snow or ice, we can provide a quote for addressing the problem. Give us a call or shoot us an email today and schedule a tree inspection before the next winter snow hits.

Contact Russ’ Tree Service for storm damaged tree removal or a tree inspection on your property.