Wood Chips for Southeast Wisconsin Landscaping

Certified Arborists Wood Chips for Pickup or Delivery

Russ’s Tree Service creates wood chips when we remove trees and stumps from properties across southeast Wisconsin. Order our arborists wood chips in spring to promote healthy plant growth all summer long. We deliver by the truckload to save you time and money by buying in bulk.

Call Russ’s Tree Service at 414-422-9298 or contact us online for pricing and delivery of arborists woodchips.

Order our arborist wood chips in time for Arbor Day to encourage healthy tree growth. All-natural wood chips are an environmentally-friendly way to enhance the soil around saplings, bushes, flower beds, and gardens.

How are wood chips better than other landscaping materials?

Arborist wood chips (those produced by our licensed arborists) help stabilize the temperature of your soil, retain moisture, and enrich the ground with nutrients. Chips are beneficial to all types of plants and encourage new growth. 100% natural wood chips are better for the environment than other weed prevention methods.

“Mulch”, on the other hand, is not all natural. It can be made from any material including gravel, bark, or newspapers. While it shares some of the benefits of woodchips, it is not as good for organic growth. It’s often dyed to add aesthetic appeal. All-natural wood chips from Russ’s Tree Service are available in all-natural colors that match any home.

Make Your Own Wood Chips

If you're having a tree removed from your property, we can also chip it and leave the wood chips for you to use. Maybe you’ve been meaning to have that old stump pulled for a while. Or maybe a late storm knocked over one of your trees and you need our emergency tree services. Just ask our arborists about chipping your removed tree so you can get to use local wood chips.

Milwaukee’s All-Natural Wood Chips

Russ's Tree Service is Wisconsin's first choice for high-quality, affordably priced wood chips. Bring your truck by and we’ll load it up for you. Too busy? We’ll deliver as much as you need right to your home or business.

Call Russ’s Tree Service at 414-422-9298 or contact us for pricing and delivery of arborists woodchips.