Complete Land Clearing

Whether residential or commercial, Russ’s Tree Service has you cleared!

Clearing a lot for residential construction.

Lot Clearing Services

Building a new home or business, can be a daunting endeavor. This is especially true when the site you have chosen is filled with trees and brush. You may already have a beautiful home on a wooded property that has sustained severe storm damage. Land clearing services from Russ’s Tree Service will remove the trees and brush so you can restore the serenity to your property or take full advantage of your new property. You can count on Russ’s Tree Service to prepare and clean-up your property by removing trees and brush to clear the way for your plans. They are true professional with years of experience and the very best equipment.

Using the best tree removal equipment and vehicles in the industry, Russ’s Tree Service provides efficient and professional land clearing services for the following and more…

Commercial Lot Clearing & Land Clearing Services

  • Commercial development
  • New sub-division clearing
  • Trails for hiking or riding
  • Elimination of invasive plants
  • Utility easements
  • Survey lines

Residential Lot Clearing & Land Clearing Services

  • New home sites
  • Storm & wind damage cleanup
  • Yard clearing for Landscaping projects
  • Elimination of invasive plants & shrubs
Sweeper vehicle doing lawn clean-up.

Wisconsin Land Clearing Permits

Clearing more than an acre of land at a time requires a permit from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. There are some exemptions for land being cleared for agricultural use. Check with your local municipality to see if additional permits are required.

Clearing a lot of old trees can add up to huge costs. Fortunately, our ASI Certified Arborists can help you plan your lot clearing services to save you both time and money. In addition, Russ’s Tree Service will also work with you to preserve trees that do not necessarily need to go which may further help with savings and provide beauty to your property.

Russ’s Tree Service also provides stump grinding and removal, root system removal, and brush mowing to fully clear the way for your building plans.

Brush Mowing / Land Clearing Services

Brush clearing is a key first step to any new construction project or a great way to create more space on your land. Grinding away underbrush and other ground-level plants like Buckthorn requires unique methods and equipment. Our brush clearing professionals can clear your land quickly for an affordable rate, no matter how big the project.

Professional brush clearing does not have to be an expensive or time consuming process! Russ’s Tree Service makes the process as timely and affordable as possible. Every lot clearing project is unique. In some cases, only brush needs to be cleared. In others, tree removal is all that is needed. Typically, land clearing will require both tree and brush removal. Russ’s Tree Service has the equipment and experience to make the process smooth no matter what your needs.

Brush mowing vehicle for lot clearing.
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