'Cut & Go' - Affordable Take Down Service

Cut & Go Services

Fast & Affordable Tree Removal Service

Russ’s Tree Service is a family-run tree service company with a dedicated team of ASI Certified Arborists. They stand ready to tackle your tree care service needs. We focus on preserving and caring for trees, but the removal of trees is occasionally necessary. If you’re looking for save some money on your tree removal needs for your Wisconsin home or business, we offer a ‘cut and go’ tree removal service. This ‘cut and go’ service can help you save.  Cut and go service simply means we take down your trees chop them into large but manageable sections and leave them for you to clean up yourself. We’ll safely chop and drop your large and small trees and branches. This leaves you with options to hire a cheaper clean-up service or handle the clean-up yourself.

How Cut & Go Works

How Does Cut & Go Tree Removal Work?

It’s quite simple. Once we’ve trimmed and pruned your trees or removed them altogether, we leave you with the branches or felled trees. Whether you want the firewood or you are capable of the cleanup and would rather have extra money in your pocket. This is a great option. Russ’s Tree Service can also cut and chip the wood before we go, so you’re not left with large sections to clean-up making your task a little easier. There is no job that is too big for the experienced arborists at Russ Tree Service.

Cut and go is a safe and affordable option to bring down your unwanted branches or trees.

Our Southeast Wisconsin tree removal & trimming experts have the training and years of experience in providing a variety of tree services. We use the best industry-leading equipment to keep your trees beautiful and healthy. Whether you need our services at your home or your commercial property, we travel throughout the greater Milwaukee area & beyond.

Our ISA-certified arborists will advise you of existing or potential problems with all the trees on your property. Our goal is to take every precaution to avoid damage to your lawn, home, or landscape. We’ll remove dead trees, overhanging branches, and more.

Knuckle boom vehicle in action at a cut-and-go operation at a home.
Knuckle boom vehicle in action at a cut-and-go operation at a home.
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