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Tree Service Equipment & Machinery

Russ’s Tree Service, The Milwaukee area’s most trusted tree service company, has a vast array of specialized tree service equipment to achieve incredible results with minimal impact to your property. Our ASI Certified Arborists are experts in this industry and know the best tool to use for each job to maximize our services. Some of our most valuable equipment includes the LEO Spider Lift, the Knuckle Boom Crane, and the Gehl Loader.

From trimming trees to removing stumps, we have the turf-friendly equipment to get the job done and avoid damaging your lawn. We’re so committed to protecting your landscaping that we even put down fiberglass mats on your lawn to avoid any damage! Unlike some tree care services, we clean up after the job is done and leave your property in better condition than we found it.

Loader truck loading tree parts into the back bed.

The Effer Knuckle Boom Crane

Our 47 metric ton Effer Knuckle Boom Crane extends to 112 feet, with an effective reach of 97 feet. Also known as a loader crane or articulating crane, it’s able to reach over most houses without endangering the house or property.

What really sets this crane apart from standard boom cranes is its ability to bend like your finger. It has multiple “knuckles” or “bend” points that make this piece of equipment incredibly versatile and agile. This is precisely why it is called a “knuckle boom.”

As you may imagine, having the ability to bend the boom of a crane, is very useful and important when negotiating around residential properties where there often isn’t much space for a standard telescoping crane. The Effer Knuckle Boom Crane allows our professionals at Russ’s Tree Service to safely and effectively trim and remove trees no matter the obstacles or obstructions.

Knuckle boom crane vehicle on display.

Avant 860i Loader

The Avant 860i Loader has a powerful lift and height capacity. It’s an agile & versatile machine that allows our arborists to go where the bigger machines have difficulty reaching. This machine has a very low noise level for a comfortable day of work. The driver has a perfect view of the work area which means clean-up after stump grinding or tree removal is extra efficient. With a low center of gravity, the machine is stable and safe for all working conditions.

Western Star Log Loader

The Western Star Log Loader makes transporting large pieces of wood or tree trunks a breeze. It’s built with strong material to hold the heaviest loads for projects of all sizes. Its large forks and grapple are perfect for picking up heavy logs or entire stumps. The greatest advantage of this log loader is that it can move a large number of wood pieces at once. This shortens the load time. In addition, the truck bed is large and spacious, making most landscaping projects quick and efficient.

Avanat tree trunk removal vehicle in action.
Russ's Tree Service Spider Lift machine at a tree trimming job.

The LEO 30 Spider Lift

The LEO 30 Spider Lift is extremely versatile, allowing our Wisconsin tree trimming professionals to work in tight locations, completing the toughest jobs with ease. The LEO Boom System, which extends up to 100 ft., is a self-propelled system that assists our professionals with trimming trees at safe distances and over less than ideal terrain. The weight of this versatile vehicle is distributed evenly over the machine’s rubber tracks, minimizing ground impact. In addition, outriggers also known as stabilizing arms extend from the base to keep it from tipping.

Wood chipper machine and vehicle.

Vermeer BC 1800A Chipper

After your trees are cut down and your stumps are uprooted, we use our Vermeer Chipper to grind up the large wood pieces. The Vermeer Chipper is fast and efficient at chipping large amounts of material. The wood chips are thrown into the truck it’s attached to for fast, easy clean-up. Wood chippers save time, so our arborists can easily dispose of trees and other tree waste. They provide Russ’s Tree Service a useful tool for creating little wood chips that can be used for a variety of landscaping projects.

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