Tree Trimming

Tree Trimming & Pruning

Tree trimming may seem like a simple, do-it-yourself task, but it should always be left to the professionals to handle your tree trimming needs. There are many reasons for this including your safety, protecting structures and power lines, and the health of your trees. Russ’s Tree Service has the trained & experienced professionals with the very best equipment to get the job done right. They are the most skilled and experienced tree care service at getting to those hard-to-reach trees. There is no tree out of reach for Russ’s Tree Service. Trimming trees without experience and the best equipment can lead to serious structural damages, electrocution from power lines, injury to bi-standers from falling debris, and irreversible damage to your trees.

Russ’s Tree Service brings all their equipment, knowledge, and years of experience to properly handle your tree trimming needs. They can safely trim and remove trees around structures and power lines without causing structural damages and injury. Furthermore, Russ’s Tree Service knows exactly where, how, and when to trim your trees. Cutting too close to the trunk of the tree can cause serious injury to your tree. Cutting too far away from the trunk can cause your tree to waste nutrients. Also, trimming trees at the wrong time of the year can cause serious damage to your trees. Pruning branches in extreme moist conditions can lead to mold and fungus growth. Trimming branches at the wrong time of year can lead to insect infestations. Russ’s Tree Service has been a trusted tree care service for almost 40 years. We have the skill to get it done right at an affordable price. Let us keep your property looking good, your trees healthy, and your home and family safe!

Russ’s Tree Service is a fully licensed and insured tree care service with ASI Certified Arborists on staff. We have been serving Southeast Wisconsin residents for almost 40 years with their tree care needs.

Tree trimming at a hotel indoor pool area
Tree trimming high branches
Tree trimming at a hotel indoor pool area

Reasons NOT To Do It Yourself

Reasons You Should Never Trim Your Trees Yourself

Power Lines

Trees and tree branches can often be close to power lines. Trimmed branches can fall onto power lines severing them. Trimming and pruning equipment can often make contact with power lines leading to electrocution of the individual holding the tool. These situations can have serious consequences. A severed power line can cut off electricity to your home and neighborhood. Power lines also pose a deadly threat of electrocution both to the individual trimming the tree as well as any bi-standers on the ground below. The professionals at Russ’s Tree Service know how to safely work around electrical lines. We have the skill and experience along with the best equipment in the industry to safely trim branches around power lines.

Risk of Falling

Every year hundreds of people fall out of trees or off of ladders while attempting to trim their own trees. This can be and has proven to be deadly. Do-It-Yourselfers will fail to secure the ladder properly, fail to secure themselves properly with a safety line and harness and/or place their full weight on a weakened dead branch. There have even been incidents where people have sawed off the very branch they were standing on for support. Do not put yourself at risk of serious injury or death from a fall. Russ’s Tree Service has the experience and equipment to trim your trees safely and at a reasonable cost.

Risk of Injury from Dangerous Tools

Ladders Fail, chainsaw blades break, and saws can kick back at you. The tools required for tree trimming in the hands of an inexperienced individual can be deadly. There have been many incidents of serious cuts, tears, and amputations due to these tree trimming tools. They have also contributed to falls out of trees from very high heights and resulted in heavy braches falling onto structures and people leading to serious damages and injuries. Experienced tree trimmers work with these tools everyday and know how to handle them safely. You can trust the professionals to do a good and safe job trimming your trees.

Falling Branches and Debris

When a branch is trimmed from a tree, gravity takes over and the branch falls to earth. Falling branches do not always take the path to the ground that you would expect. There are other branches that can interfere with their drop to the ground, the branch does not always come off the tree to cleanly, and sometimes the branch can be bent and under tension that is released when it is cut. As a result of these factors and many more, tree branches can fall in unexpected ways. This puts structures, like your home, vehicles, and even people at risk of serious damage and injury. Falling Branches can also contact other branches breaking those branches off and causing them to fall as well. This can lead to disastrous consequences for you and your tree. Russ’s Tree Service uses a very clean and safe method to take out trouble branches without the risk to structures, vehicles, and people. We have been working in hard to reach places for many years and have the knowledge and equipment needed to do it right.

Damages to the Tree

Improperly trimmed trees leads to significant damages to your trees and can even cause them to die-off over time. Tree trimming is not only done for aesthetics. It is also done to remove dead branches, branches infested with insects, and branches that may contain a tree killing disease. Cutting too much of the branch, too close to the trunk can injure the tree. Cutting too little, too far from the trunk of the tree can cause the tree to waste valuable nutrients while also allowing insect infestation and disease to continue to spread to other parts of the tree. There is more to trimming a tree than most homeowners think. It is both an art and a science. The professional ASI Certified Arborists at Russ’s Tree Service can accurately trim you trees for both curb appeal and healthful function.

Root Trimming & Removal

Can you remove above-ground tree roots without damaging the tree?

Unfortunately, there’s no guarantee that trimming out the above ground roots wouldn’t harm or potentially kill your tree. We typically recommend root pruning only when the roots are close to a structure where they could potentially damage a foundation. Our certified arborist assess these situations on a case by case basis to determine the risk factors before making recommendations for root trimming.

We tend to take a conservative approach to pruning tree roots. We typically recommend to not prune any root more than 2” in diameter. Trimming roots more than 2 inches in diameter can compromise a tree’s ability to take in water and nutrients. We also avoid removing roots close to the trunk of the tree, as these are part of the tree’s supporting structure. Russ’s Tree Service will not prune more than 20% of above-ground roots at one time. We like to allow the tree 2 to 3 years to recover before doing any further pruning. As with most pruning, we recommend root pruning to be done in the winter or early spring when the tree is in its dormant state. This gives the tree time to recover before the next growing season.

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