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Winter in Muskego, WI, brings chilly days and freezing nights. Finding reliable, quality firewood can be a struggle, leaving many in the cold. But you don’t have to brace the winter shivering. Russ’s Tree Service offers a dependable solution with our top-grade firewood, ensuring your home stays warm and welcoming.

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Finding the perfect balance between quality and cost for firewood in Muskego is a common challenge. We offer Mixed Hardwood starting at $135 for a face cord, with delivery options to make your purchase seamless. For those seeking the pinnacle of quality, our Kiln-Dried Mixed Hardwood provides a superior burn at $185 for a face cord. Opt for our full cords or half cords, depending on your needs, with the assurance of a reliable supply throughout the winter months.

Russ’s Tree Service isn’t just about firewood sales; it’s about delivering convenience with quality. For those spontaneous campfire nights, grab our Campfire Bundle of Wood at just $5, pick-up only. Need just a bit for a chilly evening? Half a face cord of Mixed Hardwood is available for $70. Remember, we have a minimum delivery charge of $30, ensuring that your firewood arrives at your doorstep without hassle.

More Than Just Firewood – A Commitment to Quality and Convenience

Russ’s Tree Service isn’t just another firewood supplier. We’re a part of the Muskego community, dedicated to making your life easier. Whether you need firewood bundles for a weekend gathering or a steady supply of firewood during the cold months, we’ve got you covered. Our services are not limited to winter; we offer high-quality firewood throughout the year, ensuring you’re never left in the cold.

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